What is LSP?

Simply put, Lego Serious Play involves a series of building activities and techniques, which are narrated and brought to life through reflection and sharing, using verbal and physical metaphors.

That’s the short version.

Alison has already discussed her interest in Lego Serious Play on www.engagingimagination.com, which is the companion site for her book with Stephen Brookfield on creative and multidimensional approaches to reflective practice. Since then Per Kristiansen and Robert Rasmussen, master trainers in Lego Serious Play who have been involved in its development from the outset, have published their own specialist text on the history, ethos and application of LSP:

KristiansenRasmussen Book icon

This is the longer version and will give you a full account of the precise nature and parameters of LSP in its purist form, as defined by key players in its creation.

Alison and Fred are both accredited LSP facilitators but, in keeping with other colleagues who are interested in using LSP to explore educational concepts and practices, both are open to experimenting and adapting its structures.

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