How is LSP being used in HE outside UAL?

Professor David Gauntlett is a global authority on creativity and media, and has been involved in research with Lego and the Lego Group for a decade.

david gauntlett

Chrissi Nerantzi at Manchester Metropolitan University is a ball or energy when it comes to LSP and creative projects.

Chrissi Neranzti

She has used LSP for teacher training activities, evaluation, creativity modules and in  a range of other contexts also. Her fantastic collection of LSP and Lego-related news items and blog posts can be found here.  Chrissi and Alison are currently working on an edited collection on playful and three dimensional learning in HE.

Stuart Nolan is a magician, performer, consultant and accredited LSP facilitator, and the first person to mentor Alison on her LSP journey. Eternally grateful Stuart! His blog is well worth a delve for pieces on education and the psychology of play, amid a thousand other intriguing diversions.


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