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A Google search of Lego or LSP- related publications throws up a number of items designed for younger years education or corporate purposes such as business development, leadership and management. One is included here, although others may well contain materials that complement your own interests. The following supplement links and materials cited in our other pages texts that Alison, Fred and their fellow LSP facilitators have written or found useful. Please feel free to suggest more!

B4Bricks – consultancy and a great reading list

Becky Blunk: This is Serious. A librarian’s eye-view of why LSP is a good thing

Check the error messages – blog posts about LSP and other stuff

The Lego Serious Play Website

Serious Play Pro – the facilitator community

S Play Project – on LSP and SMEs

creative explorations cover        9781118409473.pdf transgressing boundaries        johan roos

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