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Legolab is a funded community of practice which supports the  use of Lego Serious Play (LSP) within UAL as a novel approach to teaching, learning, practice and research. LSP is globally known as an effective and thought provoking way of considering complex issues in the business and corporate sectors and there is now a growing number of people in the HE sector in the UK and internationally experimenting with it for educational purposes.

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Legolab is led by Dr Alison James, Associate Dean Learning & Teaching, LCF and Fred Meller, Course Leader, Performance Design and Practice, CSM.

Click  here for more on Legolab and on the links below to find out more about our work with LSP:

What is LSP?

How is LSP being used at UAL?

How is LSP being used in HE outside UAL?

Further Reading and Resources

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